IntegraSpecĀ® ICF
General specifications (per standard form unit)

Designed in accordance with ICBO, BOCA, Standard and  Uniform Building Codes (USA); National Building Code (Canada).


CCMC evaluation # 12938-R
Wall design principle: monolithic structural concrete wall
Exterior surface area: 4.08 sq/ft
Concrete volume required: 0.076 cubic yards
Wall area per concrete volume: per cubic yard = 54.0 sq/ft 
Material: HIPS+ type II flame retardant EPS
Thermal resistance: R 22+ per ASHRAE Fundamentals (1997)
Sound resistance: STC (Sound Transmission Class) = 50+ minimum
Fire resistance: flash ignition @ 705° F (374° C) self ignition @ 842° F (450° C) per DIN 54 836
Alignment and scaffolding: IntegraSpec® is compatible with most ICF wall alignment and scaffolding systems.



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