IntegraSpec Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are foam blocks or panels that stack together to make the walls of a building or structure.  Rebar is snapped in the ICF wall, and then concrete is placed inside to create a strong, quiet, energy efficient structure.  ICF's have furring strips built into the forms to make finishing the walls easy and simple.  The furring strips allow for siding, drywall, cabinets or any other building material. 

IntegraSpec eliminates two ICF problems: form lift & form compression. How? Compression is eliminated by the continuous plastic to plastic connection that we have from the footing to the top of the wall every 8"; no continuous foam to foam connection.  Form lift is negated from this 8" plastic to plastic connection that allows our web spacers to act independent of the foam panels. The webs inside the forms will lift before the panels have an opportunity too. (see photo below) This is it, the ICF that lowers the INSTALLED COST!! 


What else does IntegraSpec do?


  • No Bracing required on outside corners!!

  • No glueing, taping or tying the forms together!!!  Our system simply interlocks together!!

  • Rebar snaps into web spacers.  Unlimited rebar configurations possible.

  • No more placing concrete in "lifts".  IntegraSpec allows for concrete placement in one lift!

  • Reduced waste. 

  • Our system is reversible and flippable. 

  • Product as small as 2" may be reused in walls.


ICF Benefits:


  • Comfort-reduced sound, fewer drafts and even indoor temperatures.

  • Quiet-one third or less of sound penetrates ICF walls.

  • Energy Efficiency-40% more energy efficient than wood framed homes.

  • Strength/Durability-reinforced concrete is no match for mother nature.

  • Design Flexibility/Ease of Construction-ICF is compatible with any conventional exterior finishes.

  • Complicated designs are easily adaptable with the easily workable ICF foam.


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