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The best ICF?

Nov 08, 2003
8:11 AM
What are some of people's experiences with ICF?

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Dec 05, 2003
6:16 AM
I've been building with ICF's for nearly 20 years. I've never used any product that begins to compare with the ease of installation, quality and finished job cost of IntegraSpec. I pour full height, one lift in 8, 9, and 10' walls every day. I'm not aware of any other ICF on the market today that is strong enough to do that. I get very straight walls, no cold joints, and no honeycomb or leaks. It makes building with ICF's enjoyable and rewarding.
I've been using IntegraSpec for 3 years and highly recommend it to both builders and do-it-yourselfers.
Jul 26, 2005
4:01 PM
I live in Tennessee and have been using the AARX & Nudura product, but after reading the web site, I have ordered an info pack. It seems that IntegraSpec has taken some of the advantages of all other ICF products and inprove them. Being able to pour in one lift would save money just from pump time. Anyone who can help with more information would be of great help.
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Sep 10, 2005
6:57 AM
We recently finished a shopping center in Kearney Nebraska. The project included approximately 1400' of 14' high walls with a 8" concrete cavity. This job was placed in ONE CONTINUOUS lift 14' high. The only bracing was the scaffolding strongbacks that were every 6'. And even better is the little waste that this job produced. We ended up with less than a pickup box full of waste!, and that is 3 semi loads of foam!